10 August, 2010

Melbourne to Tokyo

With my parents just before I left Melbourne
Date: Saturday 24th July.
Location: Melbourne.
Status: Extremely hungover.
This was the day I was supposed to be getting excited about moving to Japan for a year, and packing everything I might need into two or three bags. Instead, I think I may have been most excited that I managed to control my upchuck reflex throughout the day. Disgusting, but perhaps true.
For my final meal I'd asked Dad for his amazing scrambled eggs including onion, pepperoni, capsicum, paprika and general deliciousness. Overcoming my nausea, I managed to knock back a large portion which I will remember as one of my favourite meals from back home while I'm in Japan. Thanks, Dad.
We'd been told over and over and over and over again that we'd need to keep our luggage down below 23kg check-in otherwise we'd be hit with a $35/kg fee. After scrambling around til 3pm, only an hour before I was due to leave to the airport I threw my bags on the scales and was at... 30kg. Crap.
Luckily, my Mum was planning to go and visit her parents the following week in Japan so I was able to leave a 25kg-ish bag of winter clothes and things I wouldn't need for a week or two. Thanks, Mum!
Lining up to check in my luggage at the airport, the moment of truth was upon me. My bags were...23.1kg. Would the lady behind the counter charge me for my measly 100g? No!
However, the person in front of me (who may or may not have been Merren) was a little bit over the limit with her bag and moved to the side. I saw her pull something out of her bag which looked like this thing:
Use the Schwartz!
'What's this? I said take only what you need to survive.'
'It's my industrial strength hair dryer, and I can't live without it!'
Points if you understand the reference. If not, go and rent Spaceballs.
Right now.
Seriously, why are you still at your computer and not watching Spaceballs yet?

Waiting at the gate to board in Melbourne
After saying goodbye to my Mum and Dad at the security checkpoint I walked through to the gate and sat around with some other Melbourne JETs while we waited to board to Sydney. While a lot of us were excited and looking forward to getting underway after a process which seemed like 6 months of waiting, some others had come to the gates with their parents and in some cases, extended families and partners they were leaving behind. This may not have been a great idea, as the combined emotions of so many people as we were about to board formed some sort of perfect storm filled with tearful blubbering. I didn't take any photos of that, but I did take some of the happy people like me :)

Melbourne to Sydney
We then hopped on our short flight from Melbourne to Sydney, where we would meet up with just about every other Aussie JET and transfer to our overnight Sydney to Narita flight. I felt pretty terrible that people from Alice Springs and even Perth had to fly all the way over to Sydney, while the Hobart group (of about five people) had to wait in Sydney for 9 hours so I think they ducked into the city for the afternoon.
Sydney to Tokyo

Narita is Tokyo's international airport, but due to how ridiculously built up Tokyo has become, I think it might be across prefectural (state) lines. I took the opportunity and slept off my hangover for much of our flight time, both from Melbourne to Sydney and Sydney to Tokyo.
Unfortunately we were woken up at about 4am to eat our breakfast on the plane, but after that we were basically on approach to Tokyo and about to start all of our adventures in Japan, starting with Tokyo Orientation.
Japandy actually got to Japan. Here goes nothing...
Our first view of Japan from the plane


  1. WHAT is that coming out from the screen?!?!

    WHY its jelly Sir!!

  2. JAM, Kat. It's called JAM, not jelly.
    They JAMmed the radar, get it?
    Nice try though :p

  3. I love aeroplanes.

    Be cool.

    -John Ryan

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