24 August, 2010

My apartment

So, today I've decided to throw together a post which should act as a tour of my wonderful apartment. Seriously, for the amount of money I'm paying for it (roughly $175 Aussie dollars per MONTH), it's pretty bloody amazing. Starting off above is the view from my genkan (entranceway) as soon as you step into my apartment. Out of shot on the immediate right is a storage room, the right doorway in the shot is my spare bedroom and the left doorway leads through to my double living room. Immediately on the left through the wall is my toilet, which is also amazing and you'll see why in just a moment.

Moving through the doorway on the right brings you into the spare bedroom/storage/wardrobe room. There's another random spare desk in this room, along with the clothes rack pictured, the cupboard storage stage on the right and another wardrobe set with a set of plastic drawers next to it where I've been storing all my clothes. In the corner of this shot is my mini-vacuum and my mini-iron. I'd like to say that I've been ironing all my dress shirts regularly, but the truth is that I've been wearing slightly crinkled shirts everyday and definitely been able to get away with it. Sorry Mum!
Continuing onwards, here is the bedroom as seen from the living room doorway. The previous photo was taken from just around the right side of the bed, if your perspective has been thrown off. The bed itself is pretty special, as it wasn't left behind by my predecessor Kevin but rather his predecessor Sean (I believe). It's a great bed, especially because it must be almost 2 metres long and about a metre and a half wide. Poking out near the foot of the bed you should be able to see a ridiculous black and white leopard print blanket. Kevin's excuse? An ex-girlfriend made him buy it. Sure, Kevin. Sure.
Since this photo was taken I've added a pink pillowcase to the colour scheme, along with a matching pink bottom sheet. I needed the new bottom sheet because Kevin apparently bought a doona cover by accident instead of a sheet, and had been sleeping on top of that thing for far too long, with the furry leopard print blanket immediately above. Sorry Kevin, but I just couldn't pull that off.
Turning roughly 90 degrees to the left and taking another photo from where the last one was taken shows the main living room area. TV, coffee table and couch are a great combination in this room,
and I've already spent several afternoons or evenings lazing away on the couch in front of the tv. There are two bookshelves filled with a random assortment of books, magazines and comics in English or Japanese left behind by an assortment of predecessors which I was lucky enough to inherit, and the high speed internet connection point Kevin had installed is in the far corner of this room too. Hooray internet!
Turning left another 90 or so degrees gives a view through the spare living room towards the kitchen on centre-right and the doorway on the left was the same one seen on the left as you walked in the front door. I recently rearranged everything on the far right side of this photo to be more efficient, and that's where I'm sitting right now as I type.
Notice the ability to sit on the chair and be in reach of the coffee table and anything on it plus the cooling tower, while simultaneously also being able to watch tv and hop on my laptop at the same time. Amazing. For those of you who haven't seen or heard about my cooling tower, here's a quick rundown: you throw beers inside. They are kept cold. You pull a lever on the right of the tower which asks: 'Love Beer?' and a beer will pop out the front. While this happens, the other beers in the cooling tower will slide down so that the next can is immediately ready to be taken. Absolute genius, I reckon.
The kitchen's a kitchen and the laundry + bathroom are both pretty normal too. My final shot is of my amazing toilet, which may need some explaining once I put up this photo:
So first up are the slipppers. Apparently they were Kevin's, so nothing special there. However, it's probably the seat covers and the mat which first caught your attention. They're pink. Really really pink. According to Kevin some ladies from our board of education came over and cleaned up the apartment the day before I arrived. While there, they decided to ask Kevin what colour toilet covers they should buy for the new guy, and if pink was ok. I think Kevin's thought process was something along the lines of: I don't care, I'm leaving! -Which is why my toilet is so bright that it might actually be unsafe to look directly at it for extended periods of time.

So there you have it, a quick tour of my new apartment where I will be living for the next year minimum. Now all I have to do is figure out how to winterproof it slightly so that I don't freeze to death inside it later this year.
Back at the front door. I hope you enjoyed the tour, and if you're ever in the area then please come visit!

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  1. Looks pretty Sid-friendly. Hope you're having a good time!