23 August, 2010

The Rest of Tokyo Orientation and Hokkaido Bound!

I really need to hurry up and catch up to the present as far as these blog posts go.
Apologies if the next few are picture heavy and low on text so that I can just get through them.
Look, it's me!

After waking up with a killer hangover after the previous night's nomihoudai with new Hokkaido friends, I woke up to hear from my roommate that he'd definitely had a stranger night than mine, and probably a more drunk one too. First he went to 3 karaoke sessions in a row with people from a whole bunch of prefectures, then he wandered off into a park and chatted to a homeless guy for half an hour. Following this, he then stumbled (literally, it would seem) upon a shrine and prayed for homeless people and rounded off the night with a conversation with either a small rabbit or squirrel. Definitely a stranger night than mine.
An elementary school session
We had more sessions during the day including stuff aimed towards senior, middle or primary school students, along with some other broader optionals from which I picked Japanese Etiquette for Beginners and Independent Japanese Study. Again, I found much of the information relatively useful though at the same time I could probably say that I would've been able to survive without it. Etiquette ran from stuff which was ridiculously common sense through to some seriously obscure things the presenters had come across, while independent study gave a pretty extensive list of things we could try/read/buy while in Japan to work on our language skills.
Aussies on a random train with random ads
After a dry Hokkaido session where we were told our travel plans for the following morning the Aussies headed off to their embassy night. Unfortunately we got there late, which turned into a massive blessing once we found out that the briefings would have to be shortened so that we would still have time to eat food there. Now, none of the presentations was by any means entirely useless but I have to say that things like the net export rates between the two countries and their respective GDPs throughout the recession were entire useless topics to be brought up for a group of people teaching English for a year or more. I had heard a rumour that we were getting a bbq or something similar which turned out to be false, though the assorted Asian food we were served was definitely very tasty.
People milling in the embassy
After the embassy I thought I should probably slowly make my way home to the hotel to take it easy before needing to head out the next day all the way to Hokkaido. After waking up I had a whirlwind of goodbyes before the Hokkaido bus was loaded up and we were on our way to the domestic Haneda airport. While there we were delayed for a while but finally made our way through the gate and onto our plane which would take us all to the northernmost island in Japan and our new lives as teachers.
Unfortunately, this was NOT our plane.

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  1. Wow, that looks like my old apartment block! Are you in Asahi-machi, next to the "Town Hall"?